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Bed time story, Tale, Grim Brother, Murder, Horror, Bloody

Hansel and Gretel are stories that many people are familiar with since childhood. We are all known the story of the children who were released by the father and stepmother. Until they meet the sweet house and the wicked witch who pretends to be kind Can you remember the end of that witch? Super cruel

No, not at all. That's just a little cruelty. The story of Grimm's story is brutally called truly cruel. But it was very enjoyable At least in the tales that we have not heard that Hansel and Gretel get cut off the head by their father. No 3 crows, no handsome wizards with red blood smiles. Plus, there is no moon to eat children. Eh!?

This book is unique because it brings the old tales that are boring reform to fun. With a sense of humor and a bloodthirsty sense of its name (no matter what the back cover is written "for The adventures of people around 12-55). The author has talked to us in the book periodically. May have a somewhat empty function inserted (doubt, leave it to mind before reading further HA HA HA) but most of the content is full Have fun packed Worth the price.

This book is suitable for everyone who is tired of traditional tales. But may not be suitable to tell the children to listen to before going to bed (it is certain) There are Two Books of the same series
1. In a dull mirror(Jack And Jill)
2. The last Grimm tales (Yorinda and Yoringel)
which we will come to review later These three books do not need to be read in row because it is well understood by each. But we recommend to read, Of course, that cruelty is full of every book.

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes, for all age, but I'm not sure that kids will enjoy it.

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