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I bought an audiobook on Audible. I want to change the file to .mp3

I've tried OSAC and AAXtoMP3Gui but both of them not working at all in my case :')

Any suggestion for change aax to mp3?


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Thanks, I am an audiobook fan. I currently try the tips to convert AAX to MP3. It works so fast and the quality is good. Really surprised.


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Hey, I always listen to audiobooks on Audible. I would like to share with you some free aax to mp3 converters that I have used.
1. DumpMedia Apple Music Converter (offline tool)
google-apple music converter.png

2. Online Audio Converter (online tool)

I hope they will help you a lot.


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Try AudKit AAX Converter. I have been using this tool for a long time. It helps me to convert all my Audible AAX audiobooks to MP3 files.
A 60-min audiobook only takes 1-second converting time. The converting speed is really amazing.


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How to convert AAX to MP3 Mac or Windows:

Use TunesKit Audible AA/AAX Converter. This converter can convert AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, and more formats with 100X faster speed.

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