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Steve Carrell steps out of his comedy persona yet again to play a conflicted yet scared father of a drug-addicted son. Believable acting and a great supporting performance by the son still can't save the film from predictably and a dud of an ending.

We have all come to love Steve Carrell as one of the most well-known and loved comedic actors of our time. Roles in The Office, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and as the dumb-as-a-box of rocks newsroom sidekick in 'Anchorman' have literally guaranteed movie-goers that any movie he is attached to is going to be funny. With 2018's 'Beautiful Boy', we find the actor ditching the comedy thing for another foray into drama, which has proven to be mostly successful.
'Beautiful Boy' is a heart-wrenching and relatable tale of a son's tragic spiral into drug addiction, and one father's often futile attempts to both stop the decent as well as come to terms with his own checkered past. The son, a sweet, smart and loveable child growing up, finds drugs as a way to cope with his obvious insecurities and anxieties of high school life. The substance-induced insanity and downfall is quickly shown, with much cliche, as the son finds the leftover Vicodin in the bathroom cabinet. Next thing you know, he is out scoring meth with his much too pretty for him girlfriend, whom blindly follows him down the rabbit hole in an almost "Romeo and Juliet" type of doomed afffair.
But how did this happen? What did I do to cause this? Carrell begins to notice money missing, grades slipping, and alot of dirty pissing in the home drug screens Carrell thinks will deter the already fateful addiction cycle. Of course the dad has to try and understand this madness, so what better way to do it than by going out and scoring an 8-ball of meth to try himself????
Ok, so no spoilers allowed....my bad. But I will say that after all of the buildup of emotions, close calls with the law, the ER, and with Carrell's own blurred belief system and bouts of feeling like a total hypocrite, the whole up and down affair comes to a screeching and very premature ending. While 'Beautiful Boy' does deliver the goods on some levels, this watered down concotion of a movie left me jonesing for Carrell to return to comedy. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it....

Would you recommend this to other users? I would recommend this movie. However, if you don't get a chance to see it, I would not loss sleep over it and the world will continue to turn.

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