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Name of this Audio Book: Bloody Claws (Kassandra Lyall Preternatural Investigator Series, Book 3) by Winter Pennington

Audio Book Description:

Yule is a time to celebrate the rebirth of the light, but for Preternatural Private Investigator and Paranormal Huntress Kassandra Lyall, it's about solving yet another series of crimes.

When a couple disappears from their quiet neighborhood home, Detective Arthur Kingfisher brings Kassandra in on the case. Faced with a bloody symbol painted on the couple's bedroom wall, the cops are stumped. That is, until they find a body and their missing person's report becomes a full-blown murder investigation.

Kassandra realizes that someone is targeting the pagan community. The investigation brings up some heavy emotions, making it harder for her to play human in front of the law enforcement officers she works with.

In the midst of aiding the police, Kassandra finally finds herself at serious odds with Sheila Morris, the local werewolf pack's Alpha female, when Sheila decides to abuse someone very dear to Kassandra. A certain Alpha has a bone to pick. The question is: Who's going to pick it first?

Book Three in the Kassandra Lyall Series.

Genre: Fiction > Fantasy > Urban Fantasy, Lesbian Romance
Format: MP3​

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