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Captain Lacey Mysteries Series (Book 1-15) by Ashley Gardner & Jennifer Ashley

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Captain Lacey Mysteries Series by Ashley Gardner & Jennifer Ashley

The Hanover Square Affair
A Regimental Murder
The Glass House
The Sudbury School Murders
The Necklace Affair
The Gentleman's Walking Stick
A Body in Berkeley Square
A Covent Garden Mystery
A Death in Norfolk
A Disappearance in Drury Lane
Murder in Grosvenor Square
The Thames River Murders
The Alexandria Affair
A Mystery at Carlton House
Murder in St. Giles
Death at Brighton Pavilion
The Custom House Murders

Additional info:

Author: Ashley Gardner & Jennifer Ashley
Format: ePub
Category: Fiction eBooks, Historical Fiction eBooks, Mystery eBooks, Romance eBooks, Suspense eBooks, Thriller eBooks

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