LP mod apk Cooking Team Restaurant by Chef Roger v 6.7 + mod With LP * Free shopping + No Ads


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Cooking Team Restaurant by Chef Roger v 6.7 + mod With LP * Free shopping + No Ads



Cooking Team Chef Roger's Restaurant V 6.7

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MOD Author: Marialisa | More releases by
Type of release: Paid

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  • One of the most addicting cooking games of 2021: 🛠RENEW, 🔪COOK and 🕑SERVE!

    Welcome to COOKING TEAM
    COOK & SERVE Delicious meals Chef Jobs will help you BUILD AND DECORATE YOUR RESTAURANT.

    Help Chef Roger decorate and open the new restaurant he has dreamed of since he was a kid.
    You will experience incredible adventures, a beautiful story and an incredible number of Cooking games with Many Levels.

    Game Features
    Unique Concept: Help Roger renovate his restaurant by finishing all the quick cooking games.
    Fast & Addictive Culinary Simulation: Cook in tons of restaurants, offering unique boosts and addicting gameplay.
    Decoration & Interior Design: choose the restaurant decorations, objects and restorations you like.
    Kitchen Upgrades: Upgrade your kitchen and become the best chef in this restaurant game.
    New Missions Every Day: Get new missions daily and complete them to earn Huge Rewards.
    An Amazing Team: A team of waiters can be improved, which will come in handy during the new chef games.
    Combos and Big Tips: Complete combos and you'll get huge tips
    Boosters: Unlock and use cool boosters which are very useful for cooking games with many levels.
    Management: Improve and unlock new kitchen tools but don't waste your hard earned coins and gems in cooking games.

    Unlock new chapters by beating fast cooking games and you will be able to renovate and decorate all the rooms in the restaurant game along with the exciting story and cooking craze of Chef Roger who worked hard to buy his building and transform it in a beautiful restaurant.

    We have to do a complete renovation simulation for the new restaurant in these new chef games! Your managerial skills are not the only important ones in our beautiful cooking game with a story, your designer skills will also be important as you should renovate and decorate the kitchen, garden, reception, lounge and table area of the restaurant.

    Meet beautiful characters with fantastic stories, who will guide you throughout the entire restaurant game and will help you achieve your goals and open your business.
    Chef Roger will also meet Alessandra, a girl he met when he was a child and for whom he has always had a crush, will it become a love story? Play this addicting game

  • You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You can play this game even without any Internet Connection.

  • Free purchases in the App With LP + No Ads

  • This is NOT a traditional MOD APK: this is a "Pre-Patched apk" and you MUST have LP (Lucky Patcher ) installed in your device to use this. You do not need to create a patched apk but only to tap "YES" when prompted by LP. Be sure you're using the last version of LP to make sure it works for you (guide about how to use lucky patcher here) (or the one available at the time this thread has been created). You can download Lucky Patcher by clicking here.

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