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Devil Wears Prada series by Lauren Weisberger (Books #1 - #2) (epub)

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The Devil Wears Prada
Andrea Sachs, fresh out of college with a degree in English and literature, dreams of being a writer for The New Yorker. Landing a job that "a million girls would die for", as the personal assistant to fashion darling and highly successful editor of Runway magazine Miranda Priestly, she believes that this will be her stepping stone to her dream job. All she had to do is complete a year of servitude to the notoriously difficult Miranda, which includes tasks such as picking up dry cleaning, tracking down the review of a nameless restaurant, obtaining unreleased Harry Potter books and other matters. As Miranda's demands escalates, Andrea's personal life spirals out of control. Soon, she has to decide whether is working for the devil worth selling her soul for....

Revenge Wears Prada - The Devil Returns
It has been ten years since Andrea Sachs left Miranda Priestly and Runway magazine behind. Now in her thirties, she is married to media mogul Max Harrisson and is also a successful businesswoman running Plunge, a high-end bridal magazine alongside her enemy-turned-best-friend Emily Charlton (previous first assistant of Miranda). But Miranda comes swanning back into her life and her nightmares when Elias Clark caught wind of Plunge's success, and proposes an acquisition. As Andrea and Emily clash over the future of their magazine, Andrea faces conflicts in her personal life, including the return of an ex-boyfriend. Above it all, the Devil looms, threatening to destroy everything she has built.

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