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Name of the app you are reviewing: Dragon city

You breed dragons, and help them grow stronger through the use of "food". Discover new dragons and create the best "Dragon City" you can.

Through the begining of the game one feels as if it goes pretty slow since there are so many dragons and "locked areas" that are yet to be unlocked. The vast amount of dragons keep the player interested since they feel the urge to have them all. It can be quite annoying however when one can't get the dragon that they are breeding for, since in most occasions the game chooses which Dragon gets conceived. This results in having multiple of the same dragon even after trying different breeds. Also in order to stay entertained one must battle his/her dragons with others and try and beat other players' dragons however since there is a limit to the amount of fights a dragon is able to do one must have other reserve dragons this slows down the process of having the strongest dragon possible since one must commit time and food to others, this isn't necessarily a bad thing but sometimes players like one dragon more than others and want to only use that dragon. The friend system is almost a must because it become difficult to expand onto the next island after a while and through friends one can receive discounts on the required gold/gems that are needed to uncover a certain island. There is a portal that will send you to a different area where there are dragons that one will be able to unlock through the breeding of very special dragons since these dragons are hard to obtain it will be even more difficult to get the other dragon needed to use in the other island. Also in this other island materials are implemented and are used for multiple reasons they become difficult to aquire because they vary in rank and amount used the higher the rank the more difficult said materials are obtained by one which slows one down very much. This game is very time consuming however very rewarding when one is finally able to obtain the dragon they seek.

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J'adore ça fait passé le temps


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sounds cool
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