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Title of your introduction thread: eyyyyHow did you find us? MOD APK

Which types of games do you usually play? rpg offline games

Something about me: ey.. gud day.... mhmmmm.... im just a normal person. yes

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Welcome to Sbennytopia @supp10!

I'm @Chione Jem and I'll be assisting you on your first day. ♡

You will find a lot of amazing contents in this forum that will surely pique your interest. But before checking out those contents, please read these very helpful guidelines to make your stay here easier.

Forum Rules - General rules of forum use.
Video Guide – Video Guide to navigating the site.
Requests Official Rules! – Rules for requesting games.
Common Courtesy – Guidelines for forum communication.
SBennypedia – A helpful guide to common terms on the site.
Farming SB Cash - A guide to earning SB Cash for all your downloads
Android Modding University – A helpful guide to learning to create your own Mods.
Let's Get to Know Eachother -Visit here to take part in some icebreakers and get to know some of the other members
Clubs - A place where you can find groups to make friends and meet new people with similar interests to yours!

I have no doubt that you'll know the rules like the back of your hand in no time. If you're not sure about where to start on earning some SB Cash, I suggest doing a game, movie, smartphone, or an ebook review.

If you have any questions, you may reach out to any of the members of the forum staff. You can either send one of them a direct message, post your question here or tag them in a thread.

Thank you for taking the time to read everything above. I hope you enjoy your time here.


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Hii welcome to sbenny 😎


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helo.. yes yes


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Hello @supp10 and welcome to the community bro


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Welcome to the community!

For starters, try building your SB Cash by creating a review of a game, eBook, movies, etc. Don't fret, admins won't judge you, only your work. Opinions are accepted in reviews so don't worry about writing in a professional way.

Second, try exploring the site.

Jump through threads, interact with people and you'll fit in here in no time at all.

In gaining friends, just reply to the threads (such as the one you've made now,) message people who wants to befriend you (you'll bound to have people who wants to befriend you, sooner or later), or start a new thread.
Anything will do.

If you think you can't find one,
I can be your friend.
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