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Name of the app you are reviewing: Family Farm (On Facebook)

Family Farm is a really cool and fun game, which you can play on Facebook. You would like to be a farmer, but you live in a city? No problem. You can be a farmer in this game.

Family Farm is a farming game where you can sow and harvest plants, harvest trees, feed cows, chickens, buffalos, pigs and a lot of other animals, and produce cow milk, eggs, buffalo milk, pork and a lot of other products. You can also buy machines, so you can make cheese, sausages, wine, juice, pie, bread, hamburgers, and a lot of other products. You can expand your ranch, buy new ranches (there are 3 types of ranches: Main Ranch, Water Ranch, and Garden Ranch). Also, you can buy an Island, where you can have a pet (I forgot which animal is it) and feed it and play with it. Also, you have a Farm Team, where you can donate products you have made, and get coins, crystals and Team XP for it. Also, there is a Market, where you can sell your products and get vouchers (there are yellow, green and purple vouchers), which you can exchange for machines, animals, trees, machine materials, fertilizers, water cans, gasoline, etc. There are also mini-games, where you can get some cool rewards (although, you get a reward really rarely). Also, there are tasks and missions, which you can complete and get rewards (coins, XP, fertilizers, water cans, gasoline, etc.).

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes, I would totally recommend this game to other users. It's a really good game, where you can relax and play. It is also a really simple game, and everyone can play it. It is a children-friendly game to play.

This game is really good for children because they can learn how to interact with money and they can learn basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (maybe not all of them, but I'm sure that they can learn addition and subtraction while playing this game). They can also learn some simple English words of animals, foods, machines, etc., especially if English is not their main language. Also, they can change the language of the game if they want to learn another language, or if they just don't know the English language, but they know some other language.

As for the game features, there are a lot of them, so it will be impossible to state all of them.

If you are going to start playing this game, I recommend you to use this website because there is a lot of information about this game on it: Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.

The reason why I gave this game 4 stars, is because they are always asking us to buy new things, and we always need a lot of Ranch Cash, which is really hard to get.

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