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Name of the app you are reviewing: Fatehaven (Hosted Games)

I'll be making this a sorta series of the Choice/Hosted games I've been able to play (legally...of course).

To say I have an addiction to Hosted and Choice games is an understatement, but out of all the ones I've played, Fatehaven was definitely in the top 5. It has a witty narrator, character customization that gets you more invested than ever, unique and genuine characters that get you invested into them and the possible romance between you two, and stats that affect where you go in the story from the very beginning. Along with how good the story and characters are, Hosted Games outdid themselves with the plot twist ending that kept me invested until the final "The End" screen. It was an amazing experience from beginning to end, and although I don't know if it cost money to get Fatehaven, well, we all know ways to get around that. I also play on a Google Pixel 3, and it run perfectly fine without overheating my poor phone like most games, and it didn't have the glitch that some of Hosted games have that makes the game slow/gitch out the farther you get in the game. Along with all of this, it's replayability is very prominent. I usually can't get reinvested in games after I play them once, but even when I first started the game I was reseting just to see how the different choices affected the story and your stats. Even just talking about the game makes me want to replay it again and see what happens with my different choices, and see how invested I can get once again.

Would you recommend this to other users? If you like humor, romance, a good story, and a little bit of mind f****ng, then you will absolutely love this Hosted Games masterpiece. It is worth every hour spent staring at the screen, and gets better with every playthrough.

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