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Name of the app you are reviewing: Final Fantasy IX Remastered

Quick review on Final Fantasy 9 Remastered on Android, I played this game before on PS1 and currently replaying it on Android platform with remastered content, this review is purely my opinion.

Graphics (4/5): This game graphic on mobile is gorgeous, the character model has been updated and rebuild with very high quality, I can even notice some animation I would miss in my blurry PS1 playthrough, the only reason I'm not giving this full score is because the background is using the old PS1 quality, it's quite blurry and because of the high quality character model, the difference can be very noticeable, however this shouldn't be a reason for you to skip this game, you will get used to it eventually.

Music (5/5): Music is a very subjective topic, everyone have different tastes, but it you love other Final Fantasy games music, this one won't disappoint your ear, it very catchy and memorable especially the battle theme IMO.

Gameplay (5/5): Good ol' Turn based system, if you love turn based battle system this one would serve your taste just right, but it also quite slow if you compare it to.. let say Final Fantasy 7, just don't forget to turn the ATB speed to high in config menu, The job system is already predefined in each character which is good/bad depends on what kind of gamer you are, overall it's a good take on traditional Final Fantasy gameplay

Story (5/5): The story is very memorable, each character is very likeable (yes even Quina), the game will explain each character story in detail and let you control each of them in different phase on the story to dive deeper on their background. The pacing just feel right to me. the story could took you from 40-50 hours of length.

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes, I would recommend this title for people who looking to try Final Fantasy series, this would be a good first entry in the series, the story graphic and gameplay is very similar to traditional Final Fantasy, or for those looking for a classic turn-based RPG with solid story

Rating (1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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This review was quite helpful. The only problem is that Final Fantasy 9 is like over 900 mb which is a large amount. I don't have that much data😁.
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