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Forbidden Region (Legend of the Arch Magus #6) By Michael Sisa

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An Arch Magus dies, only to find himself in the body of a young man in a medieval Kingdom. He finds out that he is the second son of a Duke, exiled to a desolated town by his own family. Shackled by the notorious reputation of his new shell, he tries his best to develop his domain, implementing new policies and innovations, leading his subjects to prosperity. In this world where magic is undeveloped, he shall once again pave a new path .

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Author: Michael Sisa
Format: ePub
Category: Fiction eBooks, Action eBooks, Adventure eBooks, Fantasy eBooks

Andras Molnar

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I absolutely love this series.

I'm not interested in man or women, but I think I just fell in love with this series.
It's just became my new favourite series after the first book. Which should tell you everything that can be told considering that I read hundreds of books (around 230 plus or minus a few).

Truth be told even tought it's hurts me to criticize the series.
They lacked in romantic treats, I'm not a romantic person, but it's hard even for me not to not notice the lack of one. The series is so well composed in other categories, it has a deep plot( Magical Empires story) a captivating chain of events, well placed calm parts that make you read more of it so you will see what comes next. So the lack of romantic treat is comes out sarply in the books.

I just hope this book will be as good as the other 5.

Overall I think all books of the series deserve the 5 star rating.

Thank for the book TripleCheese looking for it almost since it's release day.


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I just finished reading the book yesterday and I really enjoyed it! This book mostly shows Lark's solo adventure in the Forbidden Region, a bit of update in projects on Blackstone Town and new kingdom. I hope the nextbook would show more interactions between Lark and his disciples and other characters.

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