Game reccommendations?


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I'm wondering if anyone out there has Xbox 360 game recommendations for me. I like all types of video games, so I'm not picky.


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Have you tried? Dead Space series if not try them they all worth playing except the 4th installment which is a little bit out of the genre.

Also try Minecraft on xbox trust me it was better than its pc version and mobile version.

And try to play my favorite game i highly recommend it terraria it was better than minecraft on its own unique way.

Okay this is the last i promise 😁 try this one too Graveyard Keeper if you want simulator game like stardew valley you may also want graveyard keeper.

Enjoy gaming!


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I already have Minecraft so that's all well all and good although I will try out the other games. Thank you so much 😊


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I used to love Fable II some years ago.
Last time I played it I found the graphics a bit wonky, but that's because now I'm used to PS4 and Switch games.
Keeping that in mind, it's a good game! I'd give it a chance.


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Hi, I particularly like rockstar games a lot.
Try Red Dead Redemption

Another Coffee

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Mmmm don't own one but i know it's non-exclusive releases and i'm bewildered that nobody mentioned the old-Bioware titles like isn't the Mass Effect trilogy available on that console? :eek:


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I'd suggest Blue Dragon considering the Xbox 360 and now One (I believe) are the only consoles that will play it.


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Dragon Age and Fable *.*


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red dead redemption hehe

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