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Hey, so, if anyone can give me a hand here, for some reason a thread that I made is redirecting to add stuff, like add spam u know, and I don't have idea to why, I tried to make a new thread, for the same thing, thinking maybe it was something on my pc that did it when I created it, and on mobile wouldn't
but is the same result, even before it getting verified to be published it still does the same thing
I tried seeing other threads to see if it was happening with someone else but nope, everything is fine, but this one I did is all messed up
if anyone has any idea what may be causing this or how to make it stop I appreciate


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I'm having the same issue trying to read threads, I keep getting redirected


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Thanks for reporting! Would you please let me know if it's still happening? Thanks 🤗


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Just tested out multiple threads and it's all good for me, I'm no longer being redirected. Thanks @Sbenny 😊

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