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Title of your introduction thread: Hello EveryoneHow did you find us? Google - Looking for a way to get diamonds for the Choices game.

Which types of games do you usually play? Rpg, simulation

Something about me: I design and sell custom greeting cards. Art is my escape! I also enjoy adult coloring and dabble in playing with watercolor mediums and alcohol inks.


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Hello and welcome @jroff81

My name is @Twich54 ,and I am one of the modders here. I also help with the Testing Team and some other projects here.

I'm glad you found this site and decided to become a part of the Community. Here, all of our mods are created by members to share with other members and we don't ever leech!

Before you look around the site please take a moment to look though these guides to learn a little more about the site:

Forum Rules - General rules of forum use.
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SBennypedia โ€“ A helpful guide to common terms on the site.
Farming SB Cash - A guide to earning SB Cashfor all your downloads
Android Modding University. โ€“ A helpful guide to learning to create your own Mods.
Let's Get to Know Eachother -Visit here to take part in some icebreakers and get to know some of the other members
Contest & Site News- visit here for events and news.

If you have any questions you can always send a staff member a direct message, post your question here or tag us in a thread and we will do our best to help as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time,

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