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Hi guys



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Title of your introduction thread: Hi guysHow did you find us? While looking more modded games

Which types of games do you usually play? Simulation, fps and PES

Something about me: Just an avid gamer who's just tired of pay to win games, this explaining why I'm here

Hans Bloodsmith

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Dear @Martinj69

Hello there, Stranger. Welcome to the wonderful world of Sbennytopia. My name is @Hans Bloodsmith, your friendly neighborhood Spiderm- Tutorial-man. And i shall be your guide for the next.... Thirty or so seconds, i guess.
So, Sbenny is a place of of love, friendship and adventures. With a little spice of drama here and there of course. Filled with many nice and friendly people that will help and support you. We're kinda like happy dysfunctional family here so feel free to jump right in the fun. Don't worry, we won't bite....much.

Now, here is a quick little guidelines to help you navigate through the forum, dear stranger.

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Your very own journey just started, Dear Stranger. I hope you have the most wonderful time here.

Kind Regard, Your Friendly Neighborhood Tutorial-man
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Both actually . I gave up with pay to win games and moved more these smaller but good games, hoping to find modded versions .
Yeah I stopped hacking my iPhone because modded games weren’t worth the trouble of waiting for the updated hack when a new release came out for it. I play the updates when it is released on a unhacked iPhone.
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