🎮 MOD APK {Hosted} Community College Hero Mod 1.0.2 Hacked (Updated)

Does it work?

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Name of the game: {Hosted} Community College Hero MOD

Version: 1.0.2

Updated or New release? Updated

Root needed? No

Internet required to play? No

Game Description

Google Play Store Link:
MOD Features
IAP Patch Only {No Mods}
V1. Max Money {976,976,976} + IAP Patched Via LP
V2. Max Money {976,976,976} + Boosted Stats & Relationships {25/10} + IAP Patched Via LP
V3. Max Money {976,976,976} + Boosted Stats & Relationships {50/25} + IAP Patched Via LP
V4. Max Money {976,976,976} + Boosted Stats & Relationships {50/15} + Relationships Only Increase + IAP Patched Via LP

V5. Max Money {976,976,976} + Boosted Stats & Relationships {50/15} + Relationships Only Increase + Can Select Revealing Outfit As Costume + Get Best GPA + Get All A's + IAP Patched Via LP

GPA & All A's feature not fully tested

***Note 2***
All mods work. I downloaded and tested all of them from my phone.
I think the reason do many of you think it didn't work is because for the stats to show you need to detect your type, "acrobat, detective, soldier" once toy select this your stats will be boosted to what is stated.

Money and relationships show immediately, the stats show after type selection.

So stop saying it doesn't work until you actually play the mod a bit.

This has been happening to several people. They install both LP & The Mod and then the App crashes upon opening.
I've went through several attempt fixes with several people and the solution that seems to work the best is this...
1. Download This Version {7.0.6} of
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{Provided by SusieQ}
2. Update it if it asks, but as of 2/9/2018 it is the newest.
3. Use Chrome Browser to download the modded APK. {i'm not sure why this works, but it has worked for a few people as of writing this.}
4. Then make sure both are installed and run app.

Installation Instructions
1. Download the desired APK file below and tap on it to install it on your device.
2. Lucky Patcher MUST be installed to bypass the IAP and unlock the full version.
3. When you tap to purchase a Lucky Patcher window will pop up. Select the box that says "save for purchase restore" then ok.
4. You now have the full paid version.
Credits to: Axiom Verge

Download Links
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Thank you very much Axiom, you make me very happy :)

Just the boosted relationships feature are not working
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