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So I have a game. A cracked one. I was playing it and encountered many bugs. Then I found out that the version of that game was too old. The site where I downloaded from doesn't has the latest version.

Please someone tell me what can I do. I want to play the game but there are just too many bugs. I cannot find the latest version on the internet.

The original game developer released the game as paid and has made a trial for it. The game is available for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

If someone knows how I can update the game or from where I can download the latest version for free, please reply below.

Original Game Developer :- Aldorlea Games

Game name :- Laxius Force 2

P. S. (Vers. 2) I had been thinking about this for some time. What would happen if I replaced the files of the cracked game folder (except the main APK file) with the files of the trial version (which was obviously that of the latest version).

I thought about this because most of the trials have all of the files required to play the full game. Its just a config that makes it a trial. But I also noticed that the main apk file in the trial and in the cracked game folder were if the same version. So I didn't replace it and now it works. I have noticed some things that were only supposed to be in the latest version. So I am closing this help request and marking it as fulfilled.
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You just don't want to lost your progress right ? Try to find out the directory where the game saves it's data. (You can go to game root folder and read .ini files . Mostly write there). Then back them up. Uninstall and Install new version and restore the saves. Keep it mind that the save location can be changed . So read those ini files or read me to know where it locats .


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You just don't want to lost your progress right ?
Sorry Gourov! I edited the thread right now. What I really want is the latest version of Laxius Force 2. Sorry I didn't make it clear then.

Still thanks for your reply.
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