How to get more Followers on Instagram (Root Needed)



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Note: use this at your own risk. Dont use any in app purchases hack on it or you will get banned. ROOT NEEDED!

Step 1: Download and install APK.
Step 2: Run SB Gamehacker (If you dont have it. Its in the App Releases Section.)
Step 3: Run the Get Followers app and follow 10 people atleast.
Step 4: Go to get followers within the app.
Step 5: Now you you see the bar that you can scroll left to right on to see how many followers you can get. To the right is the coins it cost to get those followers. You want to search for that value. Just scroll back and forth until you find it.
Step 6: Once you have found it. Edit the value to 200000. Click buy followers and done! It should say you will get 100k followers in a few hours!

Video Tutorial:

Get Followers App

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