How to have more followers on tiktok mod apk 2020?


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Hello everyone, Is anyone here using the tiktok mod apk? how to have more followers on tiktok? does anyone know how to do this, please give me a few ideas.
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1. Post Original Content
2. Upload videos on a daily basis
3. Do not try or use Trendy song on the internet. (Meaning when there is a trending tik tok video going on, DO NOT PERFORM IT! It’s a trend song and there are a lot of videos of it and does not get a lot of Followers or likes. Only the original that started the trend gets a lot of followers and likes.)
4. Go try and learn from professional tik tokers. (Meaning try to watch their videos and learn from them)
5. Put your social media’s on your videos.
6. Go perform a duet.
7. if you know how to use a camera, use that as an advantage on your videos. Be professional like a photographer.
8. Go follow others and maybe they’ll follow back.

Someday one of your videos will go viral :)

hope this helps @Henrymcbride


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Choose A Specific Niche
Make Sure Your Profile Looks Attractive
Use Follow/Unfollow Method
Use Trending Tags In Your Videos
Post During The Peak Hours
Share Your Videos on Other Social Media
Use Popular Music
Change Language
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