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Title: HTML Accidental Woman v0.27.1

Name of the Game: Accidental Woman

Accidental Woman is an interactive fiction life sim game for adults. It's built in Twine Sugarcube, and can be played on most OSes and smartphones. In the game, you take the role of a recently single and unemployed man who takes the offer of a longtime friend to move to the secluded town of Appletree. Due to an unfortunate accident, you find yourself completely transformed into a woman, and will have to deal with far more than just transitioning to small-town life!

Developer: Thaumx
Censored? No
Language: English
Last Update: 8.1. 2020
Last Thread Update: 21.2. 2020
Version: v0.30.0 Cheated
OS: Windows
2DCG, Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Animated, Sci-fi, Transformation (M2F), Rape, BDSM, Pregnancy, Simulator, Character creation, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex
Known Issues:
  • Autosaves from older versions may still suffer from the passed-out bug, but autosaves in v30 should work fine.
  • There are still a couple Besty-Bugs where clicking the reply button on the text message screen (with only 1 dialog message) will cause an error message to appear. This won't hurt anything or hide any text, it's just annoying.
  • Some job application results job descriptions don't fit into the provided space in the prologue skip menu (cosmetic).
  • Invalid/bugged scheduled dates/hangouts brought forward from older versions will still be invalid/bugged.
  • Occasionally the female portrait in the NPC interaction interface will be off placed with some meaningless text above it.
Words: 2,138,380
Characters: 12,802,602
Code Lines: 191,146
Body Portrait Combos: 20,275,200

In no particular order, as usual...
  • Fixed the Teat Enhancement treatment so that it doesn't cause breast enlargement.
  • A green checkmark will now appear in the dating status window when your relationship is eligible to advance.
  • Players will now milk themselves while at work.
    • The amount of canisters filled is reported on the job results page.
  • Added the e-vie overnight breast pump to the game
    • Players will now leak milk overnight (losing it) if they overproduce while sleeping.
    • If owned, the amount of milk/canisters collected will be reported on the sleep screen.
  • Updated the Items Cheats!
    • New improved display for cheat adding items to your inventory.
    • More game items are now included in the cheats.
    • Added a 'furniture starter pack' with mostly high-quality furniture.
  • Fixed a bug where Besty duplicated the item key for a home item (liquor cabinet).
  • There are now dreams in the sleep display!
    • 6 standard dreams, which are mostly quirky and fairly unique.
    • 2 dreams for unsatisfied characters
    • 2 dreams for pregnant characters
      • 1 additional dream for late-stage pregnancy.
  • Lactation fixes and tweaks to improve the experience.
    • Higher capacity and lower production speed for higher lactation ability so that milking isn't required so frequently.
    • The overproduction bug has been fixed.
    • Milk will no longer accumulate while pumping breasts, will be pumped instead.
  • Added a status change recording function, called the Status Record
    • Records are can be accessed from the status page of the character menu.
    • Records include a brief description of the cause of the change.
    • Records include an estimated change value and are color-coded for positive and negative changes.
    • The included status items are happiness, stress, companionship, vigor, satisfaction, and health.
    • Hundreds of status changes are now categorized this way :D
  • Fixed a bug preventing ovulation (and thus pregnancy), and also caused an incorrect "days till ovulation" reading.
  • Created AW_Fixer.ps1, a patching script for already released game versions.
    • It should be much easier to release fixes for minor bugs now, rather than doing an entire re-release.
  • Fixed the StartNap() function to properly display output and apply nap effects.
    • Description of the nap and effects are now properly displayed in a dialog.
    • Added a new "napping" image for this display.
  • Hucow transformatives breast growth balanced.
    • Mammarex growth now less extreme.
    • Lactamax growth is still based on initial size and number of previous doses, but growth overall is less dramatic.
    • Bovinex will now increase breast size to a minimum of 1750cc (up to 2000cc) if the player has breasts smaller than this when treated.
    • Bovinex breast growth for already-large breasts now ranges from 350 to 500cc only.
    • Hucow ears and tail now properly display in the character description.
  • Balanced the overnight health regeneration.
    • Standard regeneration has been slightly increased.
    • Negative health effects of addiction are milder and have higher required thresholds to be applied.
    • Still debating if cum and creampie addictions should have health effects removed for non-withdrawal addiction.
  • Changes to the overnight environmental status effects.
    • Some minor balance tweaks, increasing the importance of cleanliness and reducing the importance of furniture.
    • Environmental effects will now stay within certain thresholds and will not cause suicide or other negative outcomes by themselves.
      • Note that having very low happiness due to these effects will still make it easier for other game events to 'push you over the edge'.
  • Jobbing system improvements.
    • Players can now actually be fired for poor job performance.
    • Players can now quit their job voluntarily.
    • Quitting or being fired will mark you as being unemployed, and therefore unsuitable for continued residence in Appletree.
    • Players can obtain a "self-employment" visa so that they may remain in Appletree even without a traditional job.
      • This will let you live as a prostitute, hucow, brood mother, etc. without having to hold down a job.
    • Players who are unemployed without a visa will eventually be repurposed (bad end).
    • Players will receive notifications from the Appletree government about their unemployed status before they are repurposed.
  • Added a Visa Office to the town hall building downtown.
    • Players may go there to obtain a self-employment visa.
    • There are various possibilities that can occur based on your stated form of self-employment and whether you meet minimum requirements for being self-employed.
      • You can give a blowjob to get around any of these requirements.
  • Added several guns to the game that are available for purchase.
    • The guns each have their own characteristics, but there are not currently used in the game.
      • Intended for more complex combat in specimen-escape and other fun events that haven't been written yet.
    • Guns can be used for the random rape/assault events to defend yourself.
    • Some guns are considered illegal, but nobody is going to bother to check.
  • Added the Pump & Dump Guns & Pawn store to the game.
    • Located in northeast downtown.
    • Special scene added to convince the shop clerk that you can be trusted to browse the illegal firearms.
  • A new "read something" item added to the player's living room.
  • Body portraits are now a thing.
    • Currently, there are 20,275,200‬‬ combinations, though this number is much bigger than it feels in-game.
    • The body portrait is capable of displaying female NPC bodies, but this is not currently enabled.
    • The player's body portrait can be viewed on the right side of the character menu.
      • Clicking on the portrait will pop up a dialog displaying a larger view of the portrait.
    • The portrait displays all 8 hip sizes, and the four smallest shoulder sizes.
    • 31 breast sizes can be displayed, ranging from AAA to ΩB cup.
      • Large areolas can be displayed.
      • Large and inverted nipples can also be displayed.
    • The Fertility Seal medical tattoo is displayed and changes slightly while pregnant.
    • Ten variations of pubic hair are available, in addition to the default shaved/hairless look.
    • Four different labia appearances based on labia size.
    • Pregnancy is displayed in 4 stages based on fundal height.
      • Currently only displays up to a single full-term pregnancy. Larger pregnancy bellies are planned (pregnancy bellies have to all be drawn by hand).
    • Your groin will become messy if you've had a creampie and/or have cum on your genitals/groin.
    • There are some limited chest/belly textures for characters that are buff, very skinny, or have low muscle mass and low weight.
      • Eventually want to improve muscle and fat display, but this must be hand-drawn.
  • Fixed Fertili-Tea to properly apply a fertility boost.
  • Fixed the issue causing autosaves to immediately jump into a passed-out scene.
  • A lot of minor bug fixes and little improvements that I didn't bother to write down and thus don't remember!
Besty's Changes!
I keep telling him to do a better job with his change log... We'll get there eventually.
  • Manual images now appears once the system they are about is triggered.
    • Thaum Translation: some of the tutorial images now properly display when using a game system such as jobbing or dating the first time.
  • Tan was added, now sunbathing will temporary change your skin color.
    • Thaum Translation:
      • You can now sunbathe in the residential recreation area.
      • Tanning temporarily makes your skin color darker, the tan fades over time.
      • Tanning does not affect the skin color of your children.
  • Bring total number of base cookable dishes up to at least 20 (19, oh come on I can't do it anymore)
    • Thaum Translation: There are now 19 cookable dishes in the game, they are all pretty unique and/or Russian.
      • Cooking Lich Meat will curse your game.
  • NPC and PC portraits for female characters are now here!
    • Thaum Translation: New SVG system similar to system in use for males to generate face/head portraits for female NPCs and the player character.
      • Existing NPCs from saved games will maintain their existing portrait.
      • Tried a different look from the existing male SVG portraits.
  • New lesbian sex scene in the recreation area (1500 words)
    • Thaum Note: I think you can find this in the tanning area. It's fun.
  • Changed fixed the order of the stuff on the main screen. Now weather goes first.
  • Fixed all the stuff you have reported this month. (And more stuff you have not but we fixed it anyway lol)
Words: 1,999,997 Characters: 12,095,923
Code: 184,823 lines

Pregnancy belly size is now calculated for pregnant characters
Based on the fundal height measurement, for a more accurate estimation of belly size.
The description of belly size is now part of the character description in the character menu.
Fundal height and the size of your fetus/s can be found in the character details page.
Added gestation acceleration functionality to the fertility system.
Players can now take three accelerant drugs, each of which will shorten their pregnancy. (Amount shortened depends on the drug and whether the player has the rapid gestation mutation.)
The drugs can be found at the Gestique Fertility Clinic & Spa or will be administered automatically in the Progenerate Technologies job.
Refined the temporary fertility boost functionality of the fertility system.
Added two fertility-boosting medications, available at Gestique.
Note: fertility boost naturally decays over time.
Added a consumption scene for Fertili-Tea fertility-boosting beverage.
Tea will now tell you when you drink it if it boosted your fertility, or if your current fertility boost is too high to be affected by the tea.
Added zygote splitting functionality to the fertility system.
Splitting zygotes is how identical twins happen. Previously all multiple pregnancies were fraternal.
Added a drug called Saradberol that dramatically increases the odds of zygotes splitting when taken shortly after egg fertilization. (Available in Gestique.)
Added womb elasticity and womb burst functionality to the fertility system.
It is now possible for the player's belly to burst during a hyper pregnancy, resulting in a bad end.
This effect should not be unlikely for most players, provided the player has taken the elasticizing treatments if planning on hyper pregnancy.
In most cases, the belly burst will require the twin-wombs mutation and dual pregnancies.
Belly burst thresholds will likely need to be adjusted based on player feedback.
Players working for Progenerate Technologies will never have their wombs burst thanks to their advanced technology.
Three elasticizing treatments/transformatives have been added to the game. They are available in the Gestique Fertility Clinic & Spa, or via working for Progenerate Technologies.
Added a unique bad-end for the belly burst event.
11 new fertility-related drugs have been created and added to the game.
All of them are available at Gestique in the medical district.
All of them have had their own unique ads created, along with mini-scenes for having them administered.
The player's base fertility score (comprised of the results from several variables) can now be increased to 6 via fertility transformatives.
The Progenerate Technologies Fecundate Division job now has 5 new events.
Primarily scenes for the administration of fertility drugs/treatments
One scene involves vaginal stretching near the end of pregnancy. This will also improve birthing results.
Major overhaul of the medical district to meet ThaumX standards.
Medical services are now obtained from clinics that each have their own unique offices as planned.
Dr. Weiner now provides general practice services from his clinic
Abortion is now available during the first trimester from Dr. Weiner.
H. Lecter's psychiatry clinic has been created.
New writing for the emergency mental treatment scene.
Therapy appointments now happen in his clinic and have some new images.
Cosmetic Surgery is now available from the Dollmaker clinic as intended.
Transformatives can now be purchased from the Irresistible or Proliferant clinics.
The Gestique Fertility Clinic & Spa has been opened for fertility treatments.
Fetal Health Sauna scene is now available to increase fetus health.
Full range of fertility treatments available.
Reformatted in the resource load skip buttons so that people would be less likely to click them when they shouldn't.
Fixes and improvements to Screen Reader Mode (SRM).
On-Off toggle buttons now properly display as system checkboxes in SRM.
SRM can now be turned on from the system menu using a dropdown.
Details on SRM on the accessibility page have been clarified, with a better secondary on-off button.
Some other minor fixes to SRM functionality.
New huge event chain for the Institute S.P.E.R.M. job.
Events become available upon reaching the "Technician" rank, as it involves assignment to a new research project.
A total of 6 events in the chain at about 20,000 words, with some internal choices and different possible outcomes.
Events include some more extreme content, primarily BDSM and torture, but also impregnation and a potential lesbian sex scene.
New job content items (5) for the S.P.E.R.M. job.
Wrote location description content for the new Resort area off of Lake Clitea.
A new random event that can occur late in pregnancy.
New unique text colors are now shown for the 2nd and 3rd NPCs that take part in a conversation to make it more clear who is speaking.
Skill training schools have had their class times adjusted to make it easier to attend when working a normal job.
A new recursive function is in use with the game's backward compatibility function.
Backward compatibility is now more stable, and should no longer cause game errors when playing with old saves (provided the save isn't corrupted).
Scenario window will now scroll-to-top when displaying a new page of content.
Fixed the problems with the Sperm-Vac and items cheats.
Fixed the bug preventing the use of prologue skip in $5 builds.
Made it so that the escape hatch doesn't work on death/bad-end screens, and the escape hatch window will now properly close after use.
Prevent "go to sleep" double-clicks
High-tech bed fix
Body liquids drying over time
Fix NPC initiated convotags
Strip club private show scene (738 words)
Bodyweight gain\loose fixed
2 Stripper job events (1600 words)
Test possible after-sex bug in maid job events
Swapping work on the first day fix
Create map passages for Lake Clitea resort with navigation.
Stripper work Wednesday bug fixed
Random minor events (1100 words)
Test two dates at the same time
Autosave fixed to keep it from overwriting after loading
Test jobbing once again to be sure it is okay.
Ball-sack shop opened
Bullseye athletic clothes department opened
New athletic items and shoes.
20 new jewelry and accessories items added.
You can now cook hamburger and blini

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