🎮 MOD APK Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom v1.5.4 - Premium Membership Enabled, Speed Hack & more (Updated)

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Title: Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom v1.5.4 - Premium Membership Enabled, Speed Hack & more (Updated)

Name of the game: Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

Version: 1.5.4

Root needed? No

Internet required? Yes

Game Description:
Hustle castle: Fantasy kingdom - build a castle, gather an army, hire crafstmen. Develop your castle and defend it from enemies. Fight against monsters. Become a ruler of the kingdom in this Android game. Gather a strong army. Don't forget to develop economy as your soldiers will require excellent weapons, outfit and food. Get ready to fight against goblins, skeletons, dragons and other opponents. Apply powerful magic in the battles, safe weapons and efficient tactics. Start a military campaign and attack castles of other players.

Features of Hustle castle: Fantasy kingdom for Android:
• Your own castle
• Big world
• Exciting campaign
• Fight against other players

Download now the MOD APK of Hustle castle: Fantasy kingdom for free, only at sbenny.com!

Google Play Store Link:
MOD Features:
Lifetime Premium Membership Enabled (not all features work)
Battle Speed Multiplier Enabled (up to 4x)
Enabled ID display of Items in your inventory

Notes: I enabled the display of all the items (including chests) IDs to give possibility to GG users or to hackers in general to improve this hack, if they wish to, by making experiments using those IDs. This means you can potentially have a common chest become a rare chest, or a weak weapon become a very powerful one, simply by swapping the IDs. Battle stats hacks seems to be ineffective, as it looks like battles are calculated. This means, you might even have 9999999 damage and 9999999 hp and *apparently* win, but when you'll go back to the map, you'll notice it didn't count as a win and you didn't get any rewards, so I didn't add any of these hacks. Also, currency seems to be server-sided for the same reason explained above: I hacked the game with Unlimited Diamonds (Gems) and Unlimited Money and Food, but the game couldn't let me spend those. Also, after restarting the game, the currency reverted to its original value.

YouTube Video:
😥 This gameplay hasn't been recorded yet. If you would like to thank Debby for this release, record a your gameplay and share it
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. You'll also gain SB Cash!

Installation Instructions:
Download the desired APK file below and tap on it to install it on your device. Make also sure to uninstall your game first if you have it installed!

Credits to: Debby

Download Link(s):

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Thanks Deb

Works as expected. For those who have saved game in Facebook and are facing issues with "Invalid Hash Key" issues, uninstall or deactivate facebook on your mobile. Than connect to your facebook account again from within game. This will reconnect back to facebook and thus will restore your ingame level. You can install facebook now.
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