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I'm a fan of will.i.am, any other fans around here?


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Hi guys just want to know as a lifelong will.i.am fan of there are any other fans around here? I love his rapping and some of his songs with the Black Eyed Peas such as "I got a feeling" and "Where is the love?" . I'm waiting for him to do a UK tour but don't think that's gonna happen. He's a judge on a UK TV show called "The Voice" (Love that show 😍😍).
My favourite song at the minute by will.i.am:
It has such inspirational lyrics, the fact that he goes on about how we need to love each other, and that people today just hate each other and discriminate others. It's so powerful! Why can't we have more songs like this today? I'm also a massive fan of The Script but that's for another day.
Any one else here like will.i.am or is it just me?
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