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Title of your introduction thread: Im VerlinHow did you find us? I was searching for modded apks online, thEn BAaaM I found this website

Which types of games do you usually play? otome🤪🤪

Something about me: Im very bored, being bored is sad. It gets worse during covid. Exams shuck.


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Hello There @Evelin Stark ! Welcome to the Sbenny Community.

I am @DDeveloper and I will try my best to assist you today. is not just a regular site but it's a beautiful community where everyone can have fun together. Here you can find Games, Movies, Books and a lot more. You can take part in contests and events. Overall, you can have a beautiful time here. Now before diving in we have some Rules and Guidelines set up which is a must to read. Kindly take time to go through them:-

Forum Rules - General rules of Forum use.
New Video Guide On Navigating & Using Features. - Video Guide which will help you to navigate the site.
Requests Official Rules! - Rules for requesting Games and Mods.
COMMON COURTESY - Guidelines for forum communication.
📰 News! 📚📚📚 Sbennypedia has been officially launched! 📚📚📚 - A helpful guide to common terms on the site.
🤑 How to get SB Points at 🤑 A guide to earn SB Points for all your downloads.
Android Modding University - A helpful guide to learning to create your own Mods.
Let's Get to Know Eachother - Visit here to take part in some icebreakers and get to know some of the other members.
Clubs - A place where you can find groups to make friends and meet new people with similar interests to yours!

As you start exploring the site, check out the Contests & Site News to keep updated on any new events and maybe even participate. Events are updated pretty frequently, and there is almost always something fun going on. For an opportunity to start to know some of the other members a bit better, and have a good laugh, visit the Off-Topic where there is a conversation for just about everyone!

If you have any doubts or questions then you can contact any of the staff members. You can either send us a message, tag us in a thread or post your question at Questions and we will do our best to help you out as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading it and Once Again welcome to Sbenny.


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Welcome to sbenny


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Can confirm, boredom sucks. Welcome to sbenny! 😊

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