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Nice simulator game
Feel like a president running a country
Take decisions regarding different ministries

This game is very nice, I played it for a month then decided to take a shortcut and enjoy the game to the fullest. Don't know how it will go but eager to play the modded version. Defense and trade part is the main. Investment in all the ministries is very very much important like police fire housing infrastructure ecology education health foreign policy state security defense religion economic development by creating plants like oil gas coal metal car truck machine wood forest chemical ferrous metals non ferrous metals milk butter wine cigarette beer vegetables and fruits pasta plastic glass medical glass gun artillery space ship armoured vehicles tanks prosthesis and many many more. One should also look at the mood of the public and act according to their respective moods. You can also build houses flats and do repair works, build roads electric power lines water pipes gas pipeline rail track etc this game can be played with out any internet connection. Just down load the game and enjoy. It gets a bit boring after some time so after that try this modded version I will comment after downloading and earning SB Points how was the modded version.

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