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Name: Cali Pulaco
Nickname: Lapu-lapu
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Uknown
Place of birth: Uknown
Start of Reign: 1521
Ethnicity/Species: Pilipino/Human
Occupation: Datu
World/Verse: Las Islas Pilipinas
One sentence description: Brave Warrior and Leader of his tribe.

Height: 5'8ft
Weight: 145lbs
Skin tone: Tanned
Facial shape: Muscle
Eye color: Black
Distinguishing feature: Scar on his left upper lip.
Other feature: Black hair, black eye,Muscular body and some tribal tattoos.
Hair style: Braided and put together with tribal reddish bandana.
Body type: Muscular
Dress: Tribal Loincloth, red tribal bandana and big tribal earrings.
Something always carried: Kampilan Sword and Wooden tribal tower shield.
Accessories: Tribal head bandana, Tribal warrior earrings made of clam shell and some pearls, a necklace made of various animal teeth and bone.

Skills: Kampilan Mastery, Warcry, Battle Hardened.
Strength/Talent: Laughing in pain/Fishing
Weakness: Poison and badluck
Hobbies: Fishing and hunting
Habits: Always sitting on his throne.
Pets: Sari-Manok
Area of residence/Environment: Lapu-lapu city/Tropical Achipelago
Home description: A small Archipelago in the south portion of visayas region in philippines home to many species of tropical island animals,flowers,plants and some rarest herbs.
Neighborhood: Talisay City, Madaue City, Mactan and Cebu city
Organization involved: Tribal Alliance of Visayas
Income: N/A
Job satisfaction: Satisfied
Health: 50000/50000

Personality: Brave and heroic, Arrogant sometimes
Moral: High
Self control: High
Motivation: Very High
Discouragement: Low
Intelligence level: 9.5/10
Confidence level: Very High 10/10
Philosophy: "A person can choose which path to walk in but without a guide he might get lost" - "A great leader speaks for his people and not only for himself".
Greatest fear/Phobia: Spanish Invade his homeland/Bakunawa

Childhood life: Not much known about his child hood besides his family lineage came from indonesia and decide to travel on the infamous land bridge to find new land to call home.
Important past event: Battle of Mactan against both spanish and portugese explorer.
Best accomplishment: Defeated his rival and slayed spanish Invaders
Other accomplishment: To build a strong kingdom and formed alliance against invaders.
Best memories: About his father the former datu who teaches him many things and raise him as a good leader for his people.
Worst memories: Magellans building his cross/battling against invaders.
Secret: he got a legendary bird pet sari-manok.

Story role: Protagonist
Alignment:: Good
Short term goal: Build strong kingdom forge alliance on other tribe.
Long term goal: Removed Invaders and prevent them from invading his homeland.
First appearance: 1521 start of his reign as the new datu of his tribe.
Plot involvement
Conflict: Battle of Mactan, Battle of Cebu,Battle Lapu-lapu City and Magellans Duel.
Most defining moment: Win Against Spanish Explorers.
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