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Name of the app you are reviewing: Last day on earth

Its an awaome game...
For those who like zombies apocalypse type games.
And crftimg types to..

What shuld i say .. down lod last day on earth .. best game i ever played on android ... if you start the game i bet you will play all day with out noticing the time .... MOD is a good way to have fun .. but serus gamers shuld download the real app becuse thats how you can have those survival skill of yours in use...
Game offers you so much to do... you can either go and kill zombies or gather resources for your base or for crafting other things like tools weapons even you can upgrade your weapons .. by adding mods but first you need to unlock those mods... if i start typing about the game there is so much..the have open map to travel difrent parts you have to survive and gather good equipment so you can unlock other parts of the maps if you downlod the MOD version... and open all the parts of the map there are more then 20 events aprt from the map.. whwre you can travel and explore... and get rare items .. or you can go in bunkers and fight deadly zombies there are more then 3 bunkers so far even i didnt complet the 2nd one but by using MOD you can play it but its hard still... many tyoes of zombies and you can make friends.. clans play together with your friends but after reaching on certain levels.. not feom the beginning.

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes to everyone who loves to play crafting games and survival games this game has everything

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