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Name of the eBook you are reviewing: Legend of the arch magus the expansion

It is a fictional novel in which the protogonist is an arch magus but due to some failed ritual in his early day he dies young and transmigrated into the body teenage lord of small town that was known for his misdeeds and now he's trying to build the town as its lord

This is a good ebook for those who love reading ebook involving town building , adventure , magic , strategy . I personally like this ebook a lot don't know how you'll find this book but I am sure once you'll start reading this ebook you'll end up reading the whole book as it happened in my case also.


the books starts with the arch magus dying infront of his disciple only to find himself reborn in the body of young of a small town in completely different timeline . The arch magus named " evander alaester " finds out that he's now in the body of young 16 year old boy named " Lark Markus " who is disowned by his father due to his misdeeds and irresponsible and unrespectfull attitude toward other noble degrading the reputation of his family and the faction that followed them from time to time . After getting the information of his new shell he tries to reverse the situation starting with building the town that is now under his domain by using his knowledge of his past live he introduces life changing magic device's that improves the reverses the overall situation of the town . Evander alaester who is now Lark markus goes many journey's and finds new disciples and in all of this he learns about what happened to his previous disciples and the magic empire he served in his past live and the secrets of the kingdom and he's living in .

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes , i would personally recommend this book to the ebook lover to give it a try

Rating(1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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So you too fell for this story?

Started reading it today and total had to binge read it. I just finished book 4 and now desperately trying to find book 5

As for the story is decent, not really much depth to it. The non of the characters besides the MC is developed much. Plus it's a power fantasy trash

Still, it was an enjoyable read and as I have already exhausted most stories I would like I have no better options
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