NSFW/18+ eBook Lovable Lawyer by Karen Deen

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Sona Bharati

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Lovable Lawyer by Karen Deen


Sona Bharati

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eBook Description:
I never thought I'd want a new man touching me.
Then the unthinkable happened.
For one night my armor slips.
Landing me in the arms of a man
Whose sexy swoon is irresistible.

I meet the real him.
And I let him meet the real me.
It's wonderful
And hot as hell.

Totally out of my league, Lex is a cut-throat lawyer.
Always focused and in control.
There are no colors in his life. Black and white, with no in-between.
Cold and ruthless in his work, his life is organized, and his path is clear.

My life is messy, I've never known any other way.
Though laying naked in his arms is my magical calm.
Except happy endings have a way of escaping me.
And sometimes epiphanies cause heartbreak.

Which means for Lex to find his happiness,
I may have to sacrifice mine.

Additional info:

Author: Karen Deen
Format: ePub
Category: Fiction eBooks, Comedy and Humor eBooks, Contemporary eBooks, Romance eBooks, Young Adult eBooks
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