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Name of the app you are reviewing: Love nikki dress up queen

Love nikki is a story based dress up game with a pastel colour palette showing a cute style optional and eye catching for girls

Love nikki dress up queen is a very intriguing and fascinating game. The game starts with the protagonist called nikki who goes on a journey with her companion Momo which is a small white cat. On her journey she encounteres many challenges which is solved through dressing her up to beat her opponent while this is a very common type of game love nikki puts a special twist by holding one time events that allows the user to acquire special outfits and holds competitions weekly for dressing up and depending on what rank you get you will get a reward. The game is very relaxing and so can hold for hyperactivity and is also effective for helping anxiety in stressful situations. The game is also good dor fashionable people and artistic people looking for inspiration as the simple yet very effective designs of clothing and the characters are simply beautiful and with a wide range of clothing. In the game there are also many other cool features such as crafting your own clothing by buying recipes and also the photo and video sharing on starry corridor which allows the user to create beautifully crafted outfits and designs along with magnificent backgrounds to create an enchanting image which they can then post to share with others also giving them the option to add tags to the images.

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes I would recommend this game to users as it's a very colourful and relaxing game that I personally belive is very helpful for anxiety and is effective for relaxing.

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