Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild v3.4.1 MEGA MOD

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Root needed?: NO

Can be played Offline?: YES

Game description:
Another cool game for Tower Defense lovers! In "Lumberwhack - Defend the Wild" you help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave monkey to defend the wildlife from vicious tree-cutters. Team up a horde of fierce animals and create the ultimate wall of defense!

Choose your own path through this seemingly endless TD game in a quest to become the king of the hill! 180 exciting levels are awaiting for you and, if that’s not enough, unlock the survival mode by completing the map and enjoy the endless gameplay!

Discover and upgrade the Smashback Gorilla, Punchbag Panda, Banana Magnet, the Lion, the Crocodile and many more unique characters and skills in this wild adventure. All with there own special abilities!

Battle chainsawers, gunslingers, medics and the mighty trucks! This exhilarating tale isn’t a walk in the park - each lumberjack presents you with a new threat and a challenge to overcome!

Other cool features:
- Ultimate strategy and action-defense game wrapped into one wild package!
- Compete with your friends via Google Play Leaderboards!
- Get the ultimate time score on the endless Survival Mode!
- Collect amazing achievements as you advance through the game and get amazin rewards such as Acorns and Leafs!
- Stunning and colourful graphics!

Google Playstore link:
MOD description:
MOD Details:
Unlimited Achievement Rewards (when you purchase "Double Reward" for 10 acorns, when collecting an achievement, you'll get 9999 times the item rewarded)

MEGA MOD Details:
Double Reward for Daily Quests multiplied by 99999
Double Reward for Daily Quests cost = 0
Double Reward for Bonus Draws multiplied by 99999
Double Reward for Stage Bonus Draws cost = 0
Double Reward for Achievements multiplied by 99999
Double Reward for Achievements cost = 0

Cost for Stage Bonus Draws is not always 0. You can easily get unlimited Leaf and unlimited Acorns with this MOD.

Installation Instructions:
If you want the MOD, simply download the "MOD" .apk from the link below. If you want the MEGA MOD, download the "MEGA MOD" one.
After that, simply tap on the .apk file and it will be installed and ready to be launched!

Credits to: Me (Sbenny)

Download link(s):
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This release is outdated! Go to last page to find the new version link!

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