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With many free times and don't know what to do, I decided to read the comic that very interesting and begin to addict to it

Just really aware That I am a person who likes to read anything that is psychopathic, LOL

DEAD TUBE Just reading the title can guess what about it. It's a game that allows people to shoot video clips. And upload to the website, who has the most views, will receive a large amount of money to win

Machiya, Tomihiro, a film club photographer of the school who was invited to help shoot the video based on the life of Machiro Mai, who is a pop girl. Since doing club activities Daily life and sex

Between young couples playing a passionate love story (this is just the dipping sauce of the story You can follow the scene. "Take it together" in the form of lingering in the next episode.) She hit her partner and killed him while implanting. Yes, take people together and kill each other live!

Machiya began to recognize the psychosis of her(Machiro Mai), but more strange is that During the filming. He saw her changing clothes, having something with other people. But there was no time when his penis erupted once

But when seeing the blood and the dead through the camera face, his penis grows stiff!

May be a psychopath that reflects through the characters Machiya, who is still Quietly likes to shoot videos He asked what the most exciting movie was. For him, it's not an action movie, a sci-fi movie or a horror movie, but it's a real murder scene recorded with his own camera.

The coin has two sides. When there is a big prize It also has penalties as well, and in the case of those who make the least amount of views Will have to accept the consequences of the crime that has been committed. The winner will be exempted from everything that has been done, but the loser must accept the penalty Have to go to jail and the heaviest is ending in death

The next episode gradually intensifies the content that has penetrated the thin lines of morality and explores deeply into the minds of people, so we saw the dark side of the disgusting man when the clip that he made in the first place was the other clip That is more severe, brutal than porn than overtaking the view Must think of ways to make a new clip that is more scandalous than ever before.

Scene, murder, violence, rape, sex, crime Gradually show through each episode, click read It's all disgusting. Inviting puke in terms of the image and darkness of human beings We can not judge anything from outside, even friends in a club that is loving and harmonious. Highly moral teachers The more you read, the more shocked you are.

This manga is not over yet. And thought that it would increase the brutality and tear off the mask of the shell, showing the true essence of mankind.

Through the clip of Machiya and his stiff dicks!

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes, but for adult only.

Rating(1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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