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Name of the app you are reviewing: Merge Dragons


Link to the content you're reviewing on our site (optional): MOD APK - Merge Dragons! v3.19.0 Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Money & Infinite Stones (updated)

Merge Dragons is a fun new twist to the classic match-3 game. In this game, you are responsible for Matching 3 objects to release "life" to rid the evil and darkness that has taken over the home of the dragons.

In the past, I have been sucked into a million different match-3 games. In general, I am a very story oriented person when it comes to my favorite games, and though I love the puzzle aspect of a lot of those games, I tend to get bored with them easily. With Merge Dragons, each new area brings a new challenge and a fun, new part of the story to go through. This keeps the game alive. Like Candy Crush and other match-3 games, there is a steady progression of levels with a map to move through these areas. You can even go back and complete old levels again to gain achievements.


Aside from the main storyline, you are also tasked with clearing the main sky island of the darkness and creating a home base for the dragons that you save. I have personally been working on clearing out the main area and leaving as much open space as possible until I free all of the darkness so that I can decorate it the way I would like to. This also makes it easier because once you have merged things the maximum number of times, they turn into "Wonders" and those take up a pretty large amount of space. This is my island so far:


When I saw that @Debby had posted a MOD for the game I was so excited to play it. There is so much I love about the game, but sometimes, you just get a bit stuck. Each time you merge three things, you get them added to your collection book of items, and then the dragons have their own collection book. Having the unlimited purple gems has made it so that I can work on completing the events and getting the "premium" items to fill the collection books that I otherwise would not have gotten. For instance, this is the page showing my progress with one of the "Spring" premium dragons:


This is an image of the Dragon collection book that helps you track and merge your dragons currently in your camp:


Another nice thing about the game is that having unlimited gems doesn't "ruin" the game. A lot of the things that you can spend the gems on don't give you an "automatic win" and let you jump far forward, they simply give you the opportunity to move ahead a bit, giving you a nudge in the right direction. This ensures that the game doesn't get boring.

I have been playing this game daily since I first downloaded it a few months ago, and I still have not gotten to a point where I was sick of it.

Would you recommend this to other users? I would definitely recommend this game to players of all ages, even without in-app purchases. It is fun and gets your mind thinking, but doesn't require enough thought to take away from the experience. I even got my sister hooked on the game because she saw me playing it and just had to try it out.

Rating (1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



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