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Minecraft is a fun game where you can build city's and play with friends but you are restricted to what games you can play it you don't have realms. But at least you can play with someone in your household and not need to have realms XD.

So Minecraft is pretty easy and fun to play I mean like I said before you can build city's more then city's sky city's. If you take the time to do it you can create anything and everything. Now you do need realms to play most Minecraft games like games other players have published. But you can play the severs and they are really fun I like the battle royal and the zombie mode the most. Oh I forgot to mention the nether it's pretty easy to get there if your on creative. Survival is a different answer it is really hard to do it like you need a gold or a diamond pickaxe to mine it and even then it takes forever then you need the flint and steel I don't know how to craft that anyway. I mostly played on creative. Anyway the nether has ghosts basically that shoot fire balls out of their mouth zombie pigmen that are peaceful unless you punch them some little fire person who throws fire at you and much more. Last thing I'll talk about are the villages now the villages are cool small towns with villagers in them... But my sis says she's been seeing villages with no villagers in them but I'm sure that's just cause her sever is glitched. Anyway the villages are cool sometimes they are in the desert and some times they are right next to the sea. Oh also there are temple's or tombs idk they are kind of hard to find and usually they are traps so yeah. I know I said the villages were the last thing I'd talk about but I need to talk about the witch hut and the ender Dragon. First the witch hut. The witch hut can be found in swamps and it has some interesting looking water and a witch of course. You should be able to find some potions in there and that's basically it. Last but not least the ender Dragon. So the ender Dragon can only be found in the ender world and the ender world is hard to get into you need an ender eye to show you where it is the ender eye thing can also be used for teleportation if you throw it. But once the ender eye has got you into the dungeon you must find the portal you must also kill any mob that gets in your way. Once you've made it to the ender portal you must put the ender eye in the last non-filled spot of the portal and then jump into the portal. You will be underground and you must dig your way up after you dig your way up you will see crystals the ender Dragon and endermen the worst mob in the game. As long as you have a pumpkin on your head you'll be fine though. Then to beat the ender Dragon you must shoot down all the crystals that heal him and start attacking. Once you defeat the ender Dragon it will give you credits but you can still continue the game. Also the wither exists but you must build him with soul sand and the whither heads 3 to be exact. Also also the soul sand must shape a 2 layer T. And that's Minecraft guys sooo yeah

Would you recommend this to other users? I would recommend this to a lot of people but you do have to pay for the game and realms which to me is unfair and is why I give it four stars it's bc I already paid for the game and now I have to pay monthly for realms. I wish Minecraft did it like roblox did cuz roblox is free and you can play multi player on games some games you do have to pay robux for but not many. Anyway Minecraft is still a good game so I recommend it to everyone

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This couldn't be more specifically accurate


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