Music recommendations: feeling badass?


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Blues Saraceno - Evil got a hold on me
Colter Wall - Sleeping in a blacktop
Jungle - The MADE edit
Chuxx Morris - Solomon Grundy
Dorothy - Gun in my hand
The civil wars - Devil's backbone
Blues Saraceno - Dogs of war
The heavy - Short Change Hero
Jill Andrews - Tell that devil
Goodnight, Texas - The railroad
Whiskey shiver - Graves
Black rebel - Beat the devil's tattoo
Annibal E L Cantori Moderni - Trinity Titoli
Blackwall - Something to believe in

A lot of "Devil gonna" but I truly recommend going through them if you're a moody type, they're so good to just sit down or play a badass game.

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The pretty reckless - Why'd you bring a shotgun to the party
Elvis Presley - Trouble
Kenny Loggins - Danger zone
ACDC - Back in black
The Score - Born for this


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If you want electronic genre you should check out Simon Viklund, The Prodigal, and Le Castle Vania. Their work features on many video games and movies (Including John Wick).

As for other genre, I recommend heavy metal one. Bullet for My Valentine, Bring Me The Horizon, Dragonforce, Daniel Tidwell (I just found out this one) is my favorite song to hear when I want to pump up my rage when I unable to beat the boss in the video games 😂
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