Music Section Rules - Updated 8/23/20


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Music Section Rules - Updated 8/23/20


1. Please search any and all music before posting to ensure that they have not already been shared. All duplicate threads will be deleted.

2. Please put the name of the song or album, the artist's name, the language, and the format in the title so that it is easier for members to find your release. If the release is an album with multiple artists and their names do not fit in the title, you have three options
-> Write the name of the first artist listed
-> Write "Various Artists"

3. Please make sure your upload is in the proper format.
-> If you are releasing a single song or podcast below 100 MB, please upload it as one of the following formats:

->If your music file or album is more than 100 MB or has multiple files you may compress it as a .rar file or .zip file.

4. When it comes to music, the files can get quite large. Please do not upload any music to SBUpload or as our file-hosting sites are meant to prioritize smaller files and give optimum download speeds. Please upload your music files to one of the approved safe and ad-free alternatives like Google Drive,, or Mediafire.

5. Music releases that are considered open source and available to all users of the internet like Public Domain music are not allowed to be posted on our site for SB Cash as they are readily available for free for interested listeners.

6. Please complete the form fully. This includes an image for the song or CD, even if it's just a picture of the physical version of the album or artist.

7. Try writing out your description for your music release on your own. If you find that you are having a hard time describing the album or song, you may copy your description from an official source. All music tracks included must also be part of this description

8. Each complete album must be posted in a single thread. If your album file is too large to have as a single file, you may split it into multiple downloads files or archives, but they must all be included in the same release thread.

9. Once you release your music release it will be reviewed by one of our moderators. Then, if it is approved you will see it in the music releases section for downloads. If you do not see it right away after posting, please do not share it again. It is just invisible until the thread has been approved. After you successfully release 7 releases you may request to be added to the approved releasers group, which will remove the requirement to have your threads individually approved.

10. DO NOT knowingly post any NSFW music in this section. To be considered "knowingly" the release description must have a description that obviously describes NSFW content. If a release is an explicit version of an album (with adult language) please include this in the description and the title.

-> The first time this rule has been broken knowingly, the listing will be removed by a staff member and it will be documented.
-> The second time this rule is broken "knowingly" the post will be deleted and you will be issued a warning point.
-> The third time this rule is "knowingly" broken, you will have your post deleted and your approved releaser status removed so that a staff member is required to approve each of your releases.

11. Please remember to follow all of our forum rules when posting to this section. In order to release in the music section, you must Introduce Yourself and update your profile picture.

Rules may change at any time so please remember to check back in from time to time.

If you fail to comply with our rules or break them repeatedly you will receive warning points. Two warning points will result in a one week ban and further warnings may lead to a permanent ban. Any changes to rules will be posted below so that we can ensure that members will not be penalized for breaking a rule before it was added. Any warning points will be removed if they are proven to have happened before the rules changed.

All previous rules will remain available for verification purposes.


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Hi, I can't find the release music button anywhere. I was hoping you could help me with that.
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