❓ Help Request Need a VIP MOD APK for War Robots



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What's the name of the game you're asking help for? War Robots

Is this game playable online only? Yes: this game can be played in online mode only.

Is this a paid game? No

Google Play link:
What are the mod features you ask for?
1) Number indication of enemy robot health (instead of health bar).
2) (Optional) Display name of robot above the robot's head (i.e. 'Natasha' or 'Destrier' or 'Lancelot').
3) (Optional) Forcibly display the health bar of nearby allies.
4) (Optional) Give player access to infinite ads. May not be possible.

I think it should theoretically be possible to display a robot's current health and max health, since player's are already given a bar indicating robot health. Although it's possible War Robots stores that information on the server, and only sends the health percentage to the client.

Something worth noting is that when a player first join War Robots, until their pilot level is high enough, they will be facing AIs in their matches. As a consequence, battles are client only (so infinite ammo or infinite health mods are possible). I think you'll begin to face real life pilots once your pilot level is around 10. I believe a MOD currently exists that will give player's free premium, which can boost experience by 50% and help level you up faster.

For #3, this should be possible I think. If a player spawns in a bot called a 'Mender' or 'Weyland', the health for allies will be visible. I think there should be a way to toggle this setting on perhaps?

For #4, I suggest this because watching ads can give advantages to players (mainly useful for speeding up upgrades). However, player's are only given like 5 free ads per day, and only 1 ad after every battle. After all ads are used, the watch ad button is greyed out with text telling player's to play another battle. I'm not sure if this is possible however, as I was once able to watch infinite ads on my phone, however it didn't do anything after finishing the ad.

Would you like this VIP game to be released for VIP members only or free for everyone? VIP Only

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