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Title: * Octopath Traveler *
System: Nintendo Switch
Size: 4 GB
Languages: Voice: Japanese, English
Subtitles Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


OCTOPATH TRAVELER is a brand new RPG currently under development by Square Enix and released exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The Producers of Bravely Default at Square Enix introduce us to a new fantasy world brought to life by a mix of CG, pixel graphics, and visual tricks known as HD-2D by developers.

Start your journey as one of eight protagonists with their own talents and goals. Where does your journey begin? Who joins you? And where are you going next? All these decisions and much more depends on the player alone!

Each character can use wayside actions to interact in a unique way with the characters he encounters. For example, the warrior Olberic can challenge almost anyone to a duel. Such a duel could expose a villain or cause someone in his path to clear the way. The dancer Primrose in turn can seduce others to follow her. With this power she could find and bring back a missing person or lure her enemies into a trap. She can even summon a seduced character, who then stands aside in the fight!

Fights are a mix of a quick-to-learn, turn-based system and completely new mechanics. One of these mechanics is the boost system. This allows players to accumulate boost points in each round of combat. These can be used to greatly increase the strength of attacks and abilities or use them for chain attacks. Aim for an opponent's weak point to break his defenses and then crush him while he's weakened! Or use them to help an ally in need. Finding the right time for a boost can be the key to victory.

There is a plethora of possible strategies and tactical skill is rewarded.

Download Link:
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