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Paper Towns is a book that follows Quentin Jacobsen's journey to discover himself and who he wants to be as he searches for his missing long-time crush Margo. As he searches for her, he follows little clues left by Margo to let him know that she is okay, even though she never meant for them to lead him to her.

At the beginning of the book Quentin Jacobsen pines after his long-time crush Margo Roth Spiegelman. While he watches her from afar he never makes the move to really reach out and interact with her. Through this lack of concrete connection, he begins to idealize her and put her on a pedestal based on the bits of information he knows. He sees her as this brave, wonderful, outgoing person that he feels he would never have the confidence to be.

Then one night on a whim, she climbs through his window and invites him on an adventure. She enlists him to help enact her revenge on all the people in her life she feels deserve it. For tight-laced Q, this seems crazy. But, despite his reservations, he throws caution to the wind and joins her.

On their adventure, he realizes that Margo isn't the perfect person that he thought she was. She has so much pain and conflict bottled up inside and it's eating away at her. He starts to see her more as Margo the person, and not just Margo the dream.

After their wild night, he returns home and says his farewell to Margo, planning to see her the next day at school. When he arrives, she is missing. But then the day turns to a few and it dawns on him that she isn't coming back. Desperate to remember Margo the person, he searches for any possible clue to help find her, at any cost.

On their way to find Margo, Quentin, and his friends begin to realize that the reason that Margo left was to finally be the person she wanted to be. Along the way, they discover and get to know themselves.

I found this book really interesting and it was a great read. It was the kind of book that forces you to take a step back and think about things, while still following the same casual format for good, relaxing reading. After reading this book I realized that it also followed the format for a lot of John Green's other books in the sense that the characters were a bit too similar. All in all, it was a great book and I enjoyed reading it to the point where I actually went out of my way to see the movie.

Would you recommend this to other users? I would definitely recommend this book to the 14-25-year-old age group. It is that cheesy, coming of age sort of novel that is greatly relatable to the 14-20 age group that still makes a warm feel-good read for readers who are a bit older than that. My only wish was that John Green had taken the time to develop slightly more diverse characters. It seems like with each of his books he takes the same basic framework for a character and just changes the specific details of their conflicts or missions. For that reason I give the book a 4 out of a 5.

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It should've been a series instead of just one book...I saw the movie first before reading the book and I think the movie failed to deliver for me..
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