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Name of this eBook: Penang Pixie (Southeast Asia Paranormal Police Department #3) by John P. Logsdon


eBook Description:
*** THOUSANDS OF READERS HAVE FOUND A HOME WITH THE PARANORMAL POLICE DEPARTMENT. GET YOUR BADGE TODAY! *** When evil comes home, the only hope is the devil within The Shapers, the ancient enemy of the warlocks, have taken the fight to Mark, attempting to assassinate him and those he cares about.

They’re about to find out that messing with a man who has a demon in his soul is the last mistake they’ll ever make. This time, the Shapers haven't just messed with the PPD, they've crossed the Shadow Five...and the supernatural mafia doesn't take prisoners.

The fight to protect his loved ones will take Mark from Bangkok to Malaysia, after a little side trip to Hell to pick up Bert, his foul-mouth demon partner.

Through caves, skyscrapers, and mansions, Mark and his team will look for answers to how the Shaped are formed, and more importantly, how to stop them. Along the way, Mark will also have to deal with backstabbing allies, mad scientists, and an increasingly vocal voice in his head.

Revenge is never simple, but as mysteries are revealed and questions are answered, Mark may find the price for peace is higher than anyone realized.

Death is only a heartbeat away...

If you like Jim Butcher, Domino Finn, Michael Anderle, M. D. Massey, Rick Gualtieri, Orlando A. Sanchez, K.F. Breene, Shayne Silvers, Ilona Andrews, Brad Magnarella, Patricia Briggs, or Kim Harrison...you'll love the further adventures of Mark, Bert, Mira, and the rest of the crew with this book in the Southeast Asia Paranormal Police Department.

Questions for John P. Logsdon
What do you enjoy most about writing the Paranormal Police Department with other authors?
A: It's flippin' fun as hell. We work out characters, plots, locations, and so on as a team. Then, the words hit the page and we roll along at breakneck speed because it's just a blast working together in this world!

Q: Why should readers want to jump into the world of the Paranormal Police Department?
A: A few reasons, actually. It's high-action, often hilarious, and just plain fun. On top of that, there are multiple precincts in the PPD for readers to enjoy. So, while this series of books covers Mark Vedis and the Southeast Asia PPD, there are different lead characters running the PPD precincts in the Badlands, Las Vegas, the Netherworld, New York, Seattle, and Shadow.

That means that readers who crave action and adventure are going to have tons of action-packed, laugh-out-loud stories to consume with a vengeance. We're already over twenty books in and there's a new book releasing every 2-3 weeks in 2019.

Q: Anything else you'd like to leave readers with?
A: If you're into naughty humor and high-octane adventures, you need to give the Paranormal Police Department a shot. That's what all the authors in the PPD love to read, which means it's also what we love to write.

Paranormal Police Department categories Dark Comedy Dark Fantasy Urban Fantasy Supernatural Thriller Urban Fantasy Thriller Science Fiction & Fantasy Paranormal and Urban Romance Vampires & Werewolves Supernatural Shifter THOUSANDS OF BOOKS SOLD. MILLIONS OF PAGES READ. DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF THE PARANORMAL POLICE DEPARTMENT AND LET THE FUN BEGIN

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