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Dear community,

It's strongly advised to read this Topic before posting any Prority Game/App Requests, to ensure you will not violate any of our rules and to ensure an easy understanding for readers when you request your desired App/Game.

You're allowed to post a request here only if you're a VIP member, but you still have to follow some common rule. This will enhance the overall forum experience.

Here are two simple requirements you need to fullfille to be able to request something here::

1) Introduce yourself (if you didn't yet)
3) Set a proper avatar for your account

After you meet these requirements, you can publish your request (please note, you may get a warn and your thread deleted if you don't meet the requirements or if you didn't search before posting it).

IMPORTANT: Ensure to follow the preformatted Topic you will find, to ensure we will get all the informations needed, or your request could be rejected or ignored.

If you do have any questions, please feel free to reply below.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the forum of!

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