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Match 3 Style RPG

Puzzle and Dragons is a match 3 style puzzle rpg. this genre is a bit overfilled, isn't it? Puzzle and Dragons does quite a bit to stand out.

In this match three game, you use monsters to attack a enemy by matching gems. This is a upright style game, so you wont be using landscape mode here. In most match 3 style games this is easy, you simply match gems... But Puzzle and Dragons is different. normally to accomplish a match in most of these games, you simply swipe either up down left or right once, to match a certain type... Puzzle and Dragons allows you to hold your finger down over the specific gem, and use it to move other gems around the board freely at will within the time limit, which goes up through a series of levels, monster level ups, and special skills as those same monsters possess. the freedom this allows you to make combos cannot be understated, its a blast to match and come up with strategies. Each monster has a skill, as well as several abilities tied to it, and these change as you evolve the monsters, which is very easy to do.

Puzzle and Dragons isn't fancy by any means, but it manages to pop graphically. The Artwork is very well done, not to mention all the cameos you're gonna see from other games. the enemies are all 3d, and now even some of the artwork on the ultimate evolution itself is 3d.. as far as match 3 games is concerned its a pretty game.

In most games of this genre, you basically get a scoreboard and thats it, if you're lucky you can also trade a few items and lives. in puzzle and dragons, you send your favorite number one monster to your buddies to help out. you get points for doing this, and you can trade those points in for evolution monsters, exp style monsters, etc, through the use of friend points. you also get to specify a 'best friend' a single player with whom you play the most, and allow them to collect more friend points than anyone else, as well as use their monster over and over.. you also get a special one time draw simply for choosing a best friend. and now finally to the actual multiplayer part. you can team up with friends to battle raid style monsters using puzzles... yeah.

if you like cameos from other games in your games, you're in friggin luck. one of probably the strongest traits of puzzle and dragons is the collectible monsters. events come heavy and often, and always come bundled with tons of free gems, summons, unlocks, and obtainables. i've seen every genre, every kind of game make cameos of characters in this game that you can collect evolve upgrade and use in battle.

To get a really good start, you're gonna have to play awhile. being patient is key. gung ho, the makers of this game, give tons of gems, but they do it over a period of time. the other day they gave 100 to every player... this is the equivalent of 100 bucks of in game currency, as each gem costs 1 dollar usd. the wonderful thing is the game is not pay to win unless you just wanna spend. if you're willing to spend time in a game, than this isn't a con at all.

i wholeheartedly recommend puzzle and dragons, the pay to win is clearly there, but the devs are nice and give players tons of them for free, and as long as you like these kinds of games, you'll love this one. i've been playing it for years...

one tip:. back up your data. if you wipe your phone, your character is gone unless you have all your info... so keep all your player id and info backed up somewhere and you should be fine especially now that you can login using facebook.

if you like match 3 this games unique twist is a breath of fresh air... and came before empire and puzzles... which is a knockoff of puzzle and dragons..

by the way.... puzzle and dragons is also on console 🙂

Would you recommend this to other users? Absolutely.

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