[QUESTION] How would I transfer APK game save data to a new phone?


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I got the Arcana game APK a long time ago so I have a lot of progress on it on my old phone (Samsung G4). Managed to transfer the APK to the new phone (Samsung A71), but without any save data :( Going to 'storage' on the G4 for the game only gives the option to clear the cache or data.


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not entirely sure if this will work since i haven't tried it to transfer APK MOD data but you can try and see if connecting a phone to a pc/laptop to transfer files, going to the android folder, data folder then try and find if one of the data folders has com.nixhydragames.thearcana? then copy that to a similar folder in your new phone (similarly, I also have a folder in the obb folder for for thearcana so maybe copy that too if that's there) I'm just not sure if those carry the saved data.


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io uso Titanium backup pro, faccio il backup del gioco APK quando devo ripristinare il gioco ti chiede se ripristinare solo gioco oppure gioco+dati.
naturalmente il cell deve avere il root,non so se ti puo essere di aiuto.

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