📖 eBook Download Reign of Chaos: The Complete series Box Set by Ava Richardson (#1-3) English | 2020| Fantasy| ePUB |

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Reign of Chaos: The Complete series Box Set by Ava Richardson (#1-3) English | 2020| Fantasy| ePUB |


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Over 1,200 pages of adventure and danger in this young adult, dragon fantasy box set!
It’s an all or nothing fight for the kingdom. When a mysterious sickness spreads throughout the land and monsters terrorize Alveria, tamer trainee Mari Asadottier and Prince Kai Afkarr-Younger might be the only ones who can stop it. But after three unsuccessful terms at Alveria’s Dragon Akademy, seventeen-year-old Mari only has one last chance to bond with a dragon. And after two years stuck in his dragon form, Prince Kai’s draconian instincts are growing as powerful and uncontrollable as his magic, leaving him unable to claim his ill father’s throne when Alveria needs him most. These two unlikely heroes must find a way to bond, and fast, for the enemy has a wicked plan to destroy the Primal Sources of Magic forever. And plunge Alveria and the world into Chaos.

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