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When Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) became a CIA officer, she swore an oath to duty, honor, and country. But, when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy, Salt's oath is put to the test. Now a fugitive, Salt must use every skill gained from years of training and experience to evade capture, but the more she tries to prove her innocence, the more guilty she seems.

Salt is a film that was released in the year 2010. It is an action thriller that has an articulated and powerful message.
Aside from the remarkable performances of the actors and actresses, and the good entertainment value, the story is just a black and white movie. Meaning, the cliche "good versus evil" type of movie. Salt is an innocent CIA officer who swore an oath. And all went haywire to her when suddenly she was accused as a Russian Spy. This movie showed that the positive force of good is capable of outwitting evil. By just using the enemy's very own tactics against them. Of course, it will always be "the good wins". I would always say that this kind of movie is too cliche for me.
It has been a while ever since I have watched this. Will I watch it again? Perhaps if you like, profanities, action-packed and the cliches such as the misunderstandings, accusations and good will always win when good and evil fight, then this is perfect for you.

What kind of a protagonist does the movie have?
She is a faithful, strong, and brave woman. She fought endlessly just to rescue her husband and prove her innocence. She did everything she can to attain those two things. She never deserved that kind of treatment. But in the end, I think it was all good.

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