Since Spotify isn't available in my country yet...


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Is there a reliable site for me to download music?


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You can use youtube to find audio and download them


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Well.. you can use an online converter to download a youtube video's audio like @Endrovy said above, or... you can use a VPN to change your location to download Spotify.

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I use TubeOffline and Convert2mp3 on YouTube videos.
Because my internet connection is super slow, I specifically download/convert low-quality videos or audio-only (/Lyrics) videos.

TubeOffline also works for video downloads, but sometimes the site/source of the video(s) makes it difficult.

While Convert2mp3 often change their URL and I don't suggest google-ing it, because there are a lot of fake sites with scam ads that would show up.


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I'm using Youtube Go for several months..It works fine and offers several options while downloading videos. I hope it will help..


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Hey, if you want to download Spotify music, here is a nice tool for you. It is DRmare Windows Music Converter for Spotify. It can help you convert and download music from Spotify. You just need to drag the songs into it or put the link of the songs to it, then you are able to download Spotify songs offline with ease.
By the way, during the Christmas and New Year holiday, you can get this tool at a big discount off at DRmare website. Just enter to it and learn more details if you want.


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Go to Google and search for and thank me later , also be warned that you might encounter a ad redirect so advlocker is recommended


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Hey, go to Google and search for AudKit Spotify Music Downloader. Then use the VPN to access Spotify's music library. AudKit downloader is able to download Spotify music on the computer for offline playback. And you can listen to the downloaded Spotify songs within any player.

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