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A simple farming game, akin to harvest moon, involving romance, magic, and interpersonal relationships!

I have sunk many, many hours into Stardew valley, particularly the mobile version. It's a good game to sit back and relax with, no pay to play or crazy wait times. Any lovers of cottage core aesthetic, this is for you! You have the option of romancing other characters, but no requirements to. In fact, you could even decide to have a monster for a roommate instead of a spouse! That said, the closer you get to other characters, romanceable or not, you are rewarded with insight into their lives and how they treat the people around them, and should you marry someone they can even occasionally do farmwork for you! Don't like the spouse you've chosen? For a bit of coin, you can also sign divorce papers if that is something you choose later. Take care of animals, crops, trees, monsters, fishing, mining, and unlock certain features slowly with the town's long abandoned community center that just might have one last trick up it's sleeve. Should you restore it, you'll gain the whole town's favour and make your late grandfather proud!

I personally love Stardew Valley, as have many of my friends and family. I'm sure you would too.

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