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Fast paced rhythm game, can waste hours playing this.

Super hexagon is an amazingly aesthetically pleasing and tactile feedback rewarding game. The user navigates there small spec around a hexagon through multiple fast paced puzzles,
hoping to survive just 10 more seconds! The puzzles increases in difficulty as you go on, adding more twists, turns, spins, and colors! Go from line, triangle, square, pentagon and finally! the all might hexagon! And not to give too much away, but then it will be time to go from hexagon all the way to hexagonest! This game eases you into the extremely fast paced-ness of its final levels. If your friends ever see you playing this game, they will think you're some gaming guru with how quickly you navigate the puzzles, twists, turns, and spins! Try to get your friends to play it as well! See who can go the longest! You don't even need everyone to own the game! You could just pass your phone around and see who survives for the absolute longest! I myself have played this game everywhere I can think of! In the airport terminal, on the plane (no wifi needed for this game), in the classroom, at the doctors office, in the library, you name it! This game can literally be played anywhere, it requires no sound (although the soundtrack is mind blowing), no wifi, no cellular data, and ticks away very little battery life!

Would you recommend this to other users? I've lost hours upon hours playing this game, and I do not regret a minute! Such a fun time waster, perfect for those moments where you have nothing to do and just want to play something real quick. Or! Go and train for hours on. Perfect game and I rarely say that!

Rating (1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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