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A girl who is assumed mentally handicapped wants to have her first kiss with the most popular boy at her religious school. She tries to date him and get closer to him all through the movie.

While it can be considered rather offensive, I thought it was funny. It kept me entertained - and laughing so hard it hurt! - through out the entire time it was going and, honestly, it deserves a lot more love. I fell in love with all the characters and, even though normally cliche tropes annoy me, it was definitely worth watching the entire movie if I had to deal with that little flaw of said tropes - and honestly, I didn't mind! The running gags kept me distracted from them in such a way, that I simply didn't care. Plus, it certainly had a twist on all the common plots you've seen or read, and the ending (not just with the main characters) threw me through a loop! Really, the only problems I can find with this movie is some cliche plots and the slight offensiveness. It has drama, romance, a funny protagonist, great background characters and so much more! The ending is packed full of so many surprises that I had a permanent 'o' face while giggling demonically. I'm shocked it doesn't have any sort of a cult following! I wouldn't recommend to watch it when you're at a point of sleepiness that everything is funny, you very well might pass out from laughing too hard!

Would you recommend this to other users? I definitely would!

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